Thursday, April 5, 2012

Product of the Week! {slight obsession}

Hands down, without a doubt
Instagram is my Product of the Week!!
If ya haven't heard...
Instagram for the Android is out!!!

To say I am obsessed is truly an understatement.
Here are some of my latest creations via Instagram.
I can't help but capture everything on Instagram now.
The settings just make photos look so much better.
I can't wait to dive right in and nail down some new followers
and check out more of the settings.
Eeek so fun!

I have already captured
C eating an ice cream cone (and yes it was adorable)
All my baubles that I heart.
The Citrus County sign that represents FLORIDA!
My work life.
My delish T Flats lunch
And C's Happy Baby pouches (and yes we get them in shipments by the box full)

Please come join in on my fun.
My Instagram name is


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ceramic Egg Cartoons {Jewelry Organizer}

My ultimate favorite Easter decor are those ceramic egg cartons.
They are so cute and pretty.
However, I don't use them for Easter decor.
I use them to organize my jewelry.
Two cartoons for silver and two for gold.
Look how functional they are, all while adding cuteness to my drawer.
Or, you could even put one on your night stand for your earrings and rings you wear every day.
I picked some up this week at my local Joann's.
Hurry, they are 40% off this week.

Now all I need is some fun chevron shelf paper in the bottom of my drawer
and it will be all set!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day Care Rant {Dateline NBC}

The hubs and are are avid watchers of
Dateline on NBC.
If we don't catch it on Friday night we make sure we DVR it and watch it during the weekend.

I must say Chris Hansen is my personal fav.
Yes he is attractive, but that voice of his.
Wow he pulls me in every time.
He could be narrating a school text book on computer coding and I would think it was interesting.

This week he did an episode on Day Cares.
And who is really watching your child.
I still can not shake this episode.
I think every parent who has a child in day car should watch this episode.
It was mind blowing.
Down right disgusting.

First and foremost...
Chris Hansen revealed that thousands of day care workers in LICENSED FACILITIES
have had violent crimes against them,
Battery, Domestic Battery, Aggravated Assault and even MANSLAUGHTER.
Other charges include,
DUI, Possession of Drugs, Fleeing & Eluding, Resisting Arrest With Violence, Driving While License Suspended, etc.

Why are these people watching your children?
They should not be.
Understandably people have a past, learn and move forward from those mistakes only to make themselves better from their mistake.
However, I personally feel that if you have EVER, EVER, EVER, have had a violent criminal past then you should not be allowed to run or work in a day care facility.
No, ifs, ands or buts about it.

Mr. Hansen also disclosed that 1 in 5 offenders, re offend.

So, why? why? why?
is YOUR State not doing anything about this?
It's almost as if they are aiding these criminals/felons to strike again.
The State makes "exceptions" for people, they want to give them a second chance.
But in the mean time, your child might not have a chance in their care.

Your State should not allow offenders and felons to be licenced or work near children.
They should be doing NATIONAL checks on them.
They should run annual checks (if not monthly) on their providers.
Not one every 5 years.
You know how many people slip through the cracks but doing a search every 5 years.
A lot can happen in 5 years, especially if you are a "bad" guy.

A Department of Child & Families spokesperson for the State of Florida was
on speaking with Mr. Hansen and she simply said that, yes, yes, there are providers out there with criminal pasts, and it may not be right but in order to try and shut down a provider a child has to either be seriously harmed or die.

How shocking and gross is that?!

One would think that the STATE would do their best efforts to keep the innocent children away from "bad" people and to protect the children of the future.
But they are not.
In essence they are handing innocent, weak children in the care of felons, to test them, to see if they will re offend.

The State needs to get ride of some of these ridiciously programs and actually put the time and money into an issue that really needs to be addressed.
The safety of our children.

I am going to start talking to people in my State's capitol about this.
This is not right.
Something must change.

Please tell me your thoughts on this.
I for one want to protect my child and will do whatever I can to do this.

If you want more information about the Dateline episode on Day Care
go to the Dateline website and watch some short clips.
You can also go here to get read some great Q&A from Mr. Hansen.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ballet Party ::Christina Higman Photography::

Hello!  I'm so excited to be here!  My name is Christina, photographer at Christina Higman Photography.  A couple weeks ago my youngest daughter turned 3.  She's been a ballet dancin' fool these days, so my mom and I decided to throw her a sweet ballerina themed party.  I'm so blessed to have a crafty, energetic momma.  We were able to divide our favorite pinterest finds and tackle most of the decorations ourselves.  Here are a few images from the day....

Simple flower decorations were mostly compiled of green plants from my yard.  The soft pink roses matched the party perfectly.
One of my favorite decorations was the ballerina tutu cupcake toppers my mom made.  So perfect!  She looked at this pinterest tutorial and then added her own touches.  I loved the little rinestones, tulle, and sparkly ribbon she used.  They got lots of attention.  :-)

This cake was absolutely amazing.  One of my favorite photography clients just happens to be great with fondant.  I talked her into doing this cake for me.  :-)  She does a limited number of these for others, but if you need an awesome custom cake in Tampa let me know.  I can get you in touch with her!

The cake ruffles were my favorite. 

The ballet sugar cookies above were one of my projects.  They came out really cute, and they were super easy.  I rolled out my cookie dough and just cut the oblong shape out with a knife.  I looked at this site for my inspiration.
Above you will also see my oldest daughter giving me her biggest smile in our pink frame we hung outside.  Each of the quests posed for a picture.   
The bottom left image is from this pinterest find.  It's basically just a pink cut out from cardstock on the top, a ribbon across the middle, and the kids handprint to make the tutus.  They turned out really cute and the kids seemed to enjoy a craft.
Lastly in the bottom right we had pink, heart shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Did you know you can have the Publix bakery make you a loaf of bread dyed any color?  Awesome right? 

I made this number 3 for our front door.  It took me a couple hours, but it wasn't hard.  I cut out a number 3 on a piece of cardboard and then hot glued scrunched up tissue paper all over.  My husband kept looking over like I was crazy while I was making it, but I assured him it was worth it.  :-)

My mom and my girls (okay, mostly my mom) made this awesome pinata.  There are a ton of tutorials online for making one.  She used the traditional balloon, newpaper strips, and flour/ water paste method.  She did two layers and it was the PERFECT thickness.  Each child was able to give it 3 swings before it finally broke.  Tacky glue attached the tissue paper circles, starting at the bottom and layering up towards the top.

Here's my sweet little ballerina.  I do a portrait session for each of my kids on their birthday.  I love having pictures of ONLY them at least once a year.  We had her custom headband made by Birde Baby Boutique. 

One of her favorite presents...."real" ballerina shoes.  :-)

This little outfit came from Target.  Thank you Target for having ballet clothes just in time for our party!!! 

The number 3 was awesome to use for her portraits as well.  I'm so glad I thought to add it for a few poses. 

If you have any other questions about any of the decorations, etc. you can email me at We had a great time.  Best of all, Evie Joy LOVED her party.  Of course that made it worth all the hard work.  :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Hey Droid lovers,
Instagram has left us out.
Its sad isn't it.
It's really not fair to be honest.
But guess what, to tie us Droid lovers over until Instagram gets a hint...
we have Retro Camera!
It is my new love.
So take that all you iPhone users.
We can now all be just as cool as you.
We might not be able to stalk other peoples pics of random stupid ish but we can be creative that all you other instagramers say you are. You know you just click a button and call yourself creative. Well now we can do that too.
So ha!

So since Valentine's Day was last week,
whats better than professing my love of loves through my new love.
Ya got that?

I decided to document my V Day through Retro Cam.
And here ya goooo....

I told you about my new Red & Pink obsession
and I totally rocked Red & Pink on Love's day.

And to add a little sass to the whole outfit...
because you know, that is me....sass.
I added some fun leopard print wedges.

I dressed up our home with some pretty heart garland I got off Pick Your Plum.
BTW if you have not signed up for Pick Your Plum, do it.
They have so many fun decor and craft options.

Oh, you know, these are my pretty pink flowers and chocolates from my Valentine.

And you cant have Valentines Day without the heart shaped chocolates.
And yes, I ate a bite out of each one to see which one I liked the best.
Don't you do this?
I think everyone does this.

Oh sooooo pretty.
I love my Valentine.

And if you know anything about me you know I love cake.
And what I love even more than cake and cupcakes are petit fours.
They are little bites of cake and pure delicious-ness.

Oh and you can't forget my two Valentines.
I just love these two guys.

We had a great V Day and I feel so blessed and special.
                                                             It was such an amazing day.
I just love, love.

So, yes the Retro Cam isn't the best used in doors but us Droid lovers will take it.
Hey instagram, get it together and get us Droid users an app will ya.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Face Love {Happy V Day!}

Just a little love from Colby on Valentine's Day.

I ordered these fabulous Valentines Day cards from Minted and I think they turned out so nicely.
I just wish you could see the bottom wording a little bit better...oh well.

So, the hubs and I don't have anything exciting planned.
No big make out sesh and big red heart balloons tied to dozens of red roses.
Nope not this year.
I might pick up some take out and wine and watch a movie.
This is how Valentine's day is celebrated when you have a toddler and you both work full time.
Let's get real, we have responsibilities to maintain and toddlers to bathe so there is not much time for date nights out anymore.
But you know what...I love my new non-date life.
All I really want to do anyways is veg out with my lovah on the couch.
So happy V Day to all the other parents who are going to be doing the same.
Enjoy and drink up :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daily Bible App Love

I am totally into finding new apps for my love Droid.
I recently ran across this goodie and I know a bunch of you Sunshine lovers will love this one too.
It's called Daily Bible.
You can get it through the Droid Market or through iTunes if you have an iPhone.

Now this Bible app is not like the rest of them.
This baby has a daily Bible verse read, daily Bible reading plan, easy & fast search of any Bible verse of topic and my personal fav, daily Bible devotionals.

Now, why do I like the Daily Bible Devotionals so much?
Well you see...I like to think of it as my morning booty kicking from God.
I am awake, have already prayed and thanked him for this day but I am just walking around in my own world.
I am here, I am  a walking zombie awake, and ready to start my lovely day with my blessed family.
However, I need God to start my day off with a little jolt.
Like the Big Gulp of coffee sitting next to me.
But what completely rocks my face off about this app is that I can just press the app, and pick what inspires me this particular day.
And WAHLA! I am listening to a 30 minute sermon of some of the most amazing speakers,
all while driving Colby to day care and work and sippin on my morning coffee.

This could not start off my day better.

This week I have been listening to the famously inspiring and charismatic Joel Osteen.
There is just something about this man's voice and his excitement for God that totally draws me in.
I love this guy!
God has truly used him for amazing things.

Now, if you aren't sold on this from my read here, then take a look at the stats...

Really...look at all those 5 stars!

You do not have any reason what so ever not to say you don't have time for God.
Because really, you know you already have that phone practically duck taped to your hand.
So might as well DL the app and choose some inspiration for the day.
It doesn't hurt and will only provide your day with a great booty kickin of God's love.
So brace yourself to get your butt kicked!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mother-Son Date Knight

Saturday night was Mommy and Colby's Date Knight.
Chick Fil A hosted a lovely night out for Mommy and Son's full of knights, balloon swords, shields, and of course the face of Chick Fila A..the cow!
We had a great time, stuffed our selves with yummy nuggets and fries.
And Colby got to play on their playground.
I must say they have one of the best playgrounds.
And what I love is that it's is always so clean and if you want to sit outside the playground you can look into through the glass and see what your kid is doing.
My neurotic self has not done this yet, maybe when he gets a bit older.
But never the less its a nice feature to have.

Here is a little recap of our fun night out.

I know most of you moms out there love the CFA and I recommend going next time they have an event their.
Everything was perfect.

Thank you Chick Fil A and Rothwell Marketing for putting this awesome event on!
Please let us know when the next one is because we will surely be there.

This is a sponsored post, however all the opinions are fully mine

Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet My Newest Sponsor {Photography}

This girl right here loves a good photo shoot. Getting you picture taken by a professional photographer is always so fun to me.
I love to see the art that they capture on their end.
And I get some amazing priceless family memories.

I met with the wonderful Christina Higman of Christina Higman Photography and she did not disappoint.
I of course want to rave about her pictures but also about how sweet she is. She is so down to earth and I felt like I have known her for years. She made me feel so comfortable and C liked her too.
I always find this a must for a photographer we are going to use.

Now on to her photos, her photos are flawless you guys.
She seemed to capture crazy toddler C running around like it was no big deal.
Now, that is genius if you ask me.
C had a snack cup in his hand the whole time (he would not let me take it away...death grip on that puppy) but in the pictures it's like you don't even see it.
Because she seemed to capture the look on his face perfectly that you don't even notice anything else. She is amazing I tell ya.

Christina is the newest sponsor of my little piece of blog heaven over here at Nap Time Is The New Happy Hour and You Are My Sunshine. How great is that?!

Christina not only takes pictures of sweet little boys like C but she also does, newborns, children, families, and seniors.
The girl can do it all!

What is even more amazing is that she is offering a giveaway over on her blog.
Please only enter if you are in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa area (you know, the Bay Area).
But even if you are not in this area please hop on over to check out her amazing work and "like" her anyways.

Check out the details below and hop on over to her blog and Facebook page to "like" her.

Christina rocks!
As you can see from some of her other work.
Christina and I are also working on something else that everyone (even if you are not in this area) can enjoy.
So please keep your eyes peeled out on both of our blogs.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Truth Of The Ped's Office {Every Mama Can Relate}

Whenever I have to take C to the Ped's office I feel like I am the one being tortured.
And here are my issues...

Problem #1
We all get out of the car, baby in arms and diaper bag thrown across my shoulder and coffee in hand spilling all over the place.
 But its 8:00 a.m. so Mama needs caffeine especially for this experience.
I get up to the door and just stand and stare at it.
I don't even want to touch the handle.
I swear I can see germs jumping off of it and onto my precious little child infecting him with some nasty green snooty coughy crap.
But I finally realize that we need to go inside and the doors aren't going to magically open because I'm starting at them with arms full.
So I open them muttering under my breath how disgusting that just was.

Simple Resolution: Act like you are a nice restaurant and have someone manning the door.
Mama's normally have their hands full of baby and all their stuff and need all the help they can get.

Problem #2
Finally inside and I have to sign in.
I can do this, put my dripping coffee down, throw my diaper bag on a chair and swing baby on hip.
We are officially here and ready to see the Doctor.
Well, we wait and wait and the bright as Florida sunshine fluorescent lights are humming, babe is starting to get restless and walk up to every person in the room and just stare at them.
Ummm baby didn't your Mother tell you it was rude to stare.
Guess not, mom fail and the awkwardness sets in.

Simple Resolution: Let us check in electronically on our phones in the car while Babe is seated and calm.

Problem #3
We are finally called back after sitting in the first waiting room for what seems like an eternity.
Thanks Doc!
I thought that's why I got the first appointment of the day.
So I don't have to deal with any of the above mess.
Guess not.
Now, we see the Nurse.
I think they do this so the Doctor has a buffer in her time.
The Nurse is kinda like the opening act of a show.
We all want the real thing we are here to see but have to wait and hear what she has to say first.
She asks the questions she asks every single time we are there and then she leaves.

Simple Resolution: Stick to the appointment time the Mama schedule. There is a reason for the appointment, that's why we make it.

Problem #4
She leaves us in a small itty bitty room with toys.
Ok, toys are for kids to play with right?
No, no they are not.
Not in this instance.
Remember Problem #1.
I didn't even want to touch the door knob walking into this place why do I want my child touching these germ infested toys?!
For the love, why do these Doctors do this to the Mother's.
It's not fair.
So now, my child sees these fun looking old toys and wants to play with them.

Simple Resolution: Get the dang toys out of the itty bitty rooms!!!

Problem #5
I have to somehow wrangle my child away from the toys and become way more fun and entertaining then those bright colored toys sitting and starting at my child and calling his name.
This is not going to happen at 8 in the morning.
But somehow I must muster up my chipper self and become an airplane.
An airplane that spins, dips, sings, catapults, sways, laughs, etc.
And I have to do this until the Doctor decides she wants to start working for the day.
Um about 20-30 minutes of us being in the SECOND "waiting room"

Simple Resolution: Again with the appointment thing and the toys.

Problem #6
I have now morphed into a flying machine and sings and dances and in walks the Doctor.
This Mama is now sweating profusely.
Like I just completed a triathlon.
And now she wants my child to sit still.
Again, not happening.
He is a toddler did you not look at his chart.
She starts asking me a bunch of questions which I in tern answer.
But I really just want to sit down and take a rest.
Because again I just worked out for 30 mins while she was doing who knows what.

Simple Resolution: Doc hurry your ass up! I don't want to sit here with my squirmy toddler. Yes he is adorable but hurry it up!

Problem #7
Appointment is done and I am supposed to make my next appointment up front with the receptionist.
Great, fine, get me the hell outta here!
But how am I supposed to do that when the Doctor just pissed off my toddler?
She put two shots in his little legs and he is angry and sick of being in this place too.
He wants down and out.
And Mama did not get a chance to take even one sip of her mommy juice because she was too busy trying to keep him healthy and away from those germ infested toys.
Which obviously the Doctor is not too concerned about.
So you have pushed my Babe to his limit and this Mama because she has not had her coffee.
So to solve the appointment problem please let the Mama's schedule the next appointment at the beginning of the appointment when we are just waiting and my child is happy.
Big, big Doctor office fail because we are done with this place and just want to leave.

Simple Resolution: Let us schedule the appointments when we first get in, or let us schedule them electronically.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mommy & Colby's Day Of Fun!

Yesterday was Mommy and Colby's Day of Fun!
Yes, I called it that the whole day.
And you know what?! We had a freaking blast!
The day started off with C's 18 month old doctor appointment.
No fun for him or Mama.
One shot and an interesting update but more on that later.
But we got through the appointment and then it was off to the Glazer Children's Museum.
After that he let Mama do some shopping, had lunch and then we both napped.
I love a good nap day!

Little did he know he was about to play his little heart out.
He was in charge and got to do whatever he wanted at the Museum.
He led the way.
First up was Tug Boat Tots.
He got to run around and do whatever without giving this Mama a heart attack by touching everything in site.
Because that's exactly what you are supposed to do at this place.
Touch everything in site.
What itty bitty toddler wouldn't love this right?

They had so many fun toys that were larger than life.
And the best part was that they were all clean.
I am a germophob (or however you spell that word) which is kinda ridiculous when you have a toddler because they touch literally everything and then...put it in their mouths.
But this place was spotless clean.
He could have ate his lunch of the floor and I wouldn't have thought twice about it.

Oh and the water play.
This was C's fav!
They give you little rain jackets to put on so the kids don't get soaked.
It was of course huge on his little self but he looked adorable in it.
Wish I knew about the dang rain coats the first go around because he came back soaked.
I mean pants looked and felt like he peed in them.
Oh well.. he had fun so I didn't really care too much.
It was Mommy & Colby's day of fun and no holds bars.

They had a cute little Publix and Vet Clinic.

The Vet Clinic was his favorite of the two.
They had little kennels with doggies that you got to take care of and look at x-rays and  take care of the sick doggies.
He liked petting the doggie and giving him a bone.
Surprisingly he didn't try and climb in the kennel with the dogs.
But he did try to close several girls in them..haha.

Needless to say we both had a ball.
He took a three hour nap.
Mommy's & Colby's day of fun was a success.

Some pics from Glazer Children's Museum site