Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Is In The Air

Hey Droid lovers,
Instagram has left us out.
Its sad isn't it.
It's really not fair to be honest.
But guess what, to tie us Droid lovers over until Instagram gets a hint...
we have Retro Camera!
It is my new love.
So take that all you iPhone users.
We can now all be just as cool as you.
We might not be able to stalk other peoples pics of random stupid ish but we can be creative that all you other instagramers say you are. You know you just click a button and call yourself creative. Well now we can do that too.
So ha!

So since Valentine's Day was last week,
whats better than professing my love of loves through my new love.
Ya got that?

I decided to document my V Day through Retro Cam.
And here ya goooo....

I told you about my new Red & Pink obsession
and I totally rocked Red & Pink on Love's day.

And to add a little sass to the whole outfit...
because you know, that is me....sass.
I added some fun leopard print wedges.

I dressed up our home with some pretty heart garland I got off Pick Your Plum.
BTW if you have not signed up for Pick Your Plum, do it.
They have so many fun decor and craft options.

Oh, you know, these are my pretty pink flowers and chocolates from my Valentine.

And you cant have Valentines Day without the heart shaped chocolates.
And yes, I ate a bite out of each one to see which one I liked the best.
Don't you do this?
I think everyone does this.

Oh sooooo pretty.
I love my Valentine.

And if you know anything about me you know I love cake.
And what I love even more than cake and cupcakes are petit fours.
They are little bites of cake and pure delicious-ness.

Oh and you can't forget my two Valentines.
I just love these two guys.

We had a great V Day and I feel so blessed and special.
                                                             It was such an amazing day.
I just love, love.

So, yes the Retro Cam isn't the best used in doors but us Droid lovers will take it.
Hey instagram, get it together and get us Droid users an app will ya.

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  1. i hope we get it soon! i heard we were.
    i'm off to find this app, thanks