Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ceramic Egg Cartoons {Jewelry Organizer}

My ultimate favorite Easter decor are those ceramic egg cartons.
They are so cute and pretty.
However, I don't use them for Easter decor.
I use them to organize my jewelry.
Two cartoons for silver and two for gold.
Look how functional they are, all while adding cuteness to my drawer.
Or, you could even put one on your night stand for your earrings and rings you wear every day.
I picked some up this week at my local Joann's.
Hurry, they are 40% off this week.

Now all I need is some fun chevron shelf paper in the bottom of my drawer
and it will be all set!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day Care Rant {Dateline NBC}

The hubs and are are avid watchers of
Dateline on NBC.
If we don't catch it on Friday night we make sure we DVR it and watch it during the weekend.

I must say Chris Hansen is my personal fav.
Yes he is attractive, but that voice of his.
Wow he pulls me in every time.
He could be narrating a school text book on computer coding and I would think it was interesting.

This week he did an episode on Day Cares.
And who is really watching your child.
I still can not shake this episode.
I think every parent who has a child in day car should watch this episode.
It was mind blowing.
Down right disgusting.

First and foremost...
Chris Hansen revealed that thousands of day care workers in LICENSED FACILITIES
have had violent crimes against them,
Battery, Domestic Battery, Aggravated Assault and even MANSLAUGHTER.
Other charges include,
DUI, Possession of Drugs, Fleeing & Eluding, Resisting Arrest With Violence, Driving While License Suspended, etc.

Why are these people watching your children?
They should not be.
Understandably people have a past, learn and move forward from those mistakes only to make themselves better from their mistake.
However, I personally feel that if you have EVER, EVER, EVER, have had a violent criminal past then you should not be allowed to run or work in a day care facility.
No, ifs, ands or buts about it.

Mr. Hansen also disclosed that 1 in 5 offenders, re offend.

So, why? why? why?
is YOUR State not doing anything about this?
It's almost as if they are aiding these criminals/felons to strike again.
The State makes "exceptions" for people, they want to give them a second chance.
But in the mean time, your child might not have a chance in their care.

Your State should not allow offenders and felons to be licenced or work near children.
They should be doing NATIONAL checks on them.
They should run annual checks (if not monthly) on their providers.
Not one every 5 years.
You know how many people slip through the cracks but doing a search every 5 years.
A lot can happen in 5 years, especially if you are a "bad" guy.

A Department of Child & Families spokesperson for the State of Florida was
on speaking with Mr. Hansen and she simply said that, yes, yes, there are providers out there with criminal pasts, and it may not be right but in order to try and shut down a provider a child has to either be seriously harmed or die.

How shocking and gross is that?!

One would think that the STATE would do their best efforts to keep the innocent children away from "bad" people and to protect the children of the future.
But they are not.
In essence they are handing innocent, weak children in the care of felons, to test them, to see if they will re offend.

The State needs to get ride of some of these ridiciously programs and actually put the time and money into an issue that really needs to be addressed.
The safety of our children.

I am going to start talking to people in my State's capitol about this.
This is not right.
Something must change.

Please tell me your thoughts on this.
I for one want to protect my child and will do whatever I can to do this.

If you want more information about the Dateline episode on Day Care
go to the Dateline website and watch some short clips.
You can also go here to get read some great Q&A from Mr. Hansen.