Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Face Love {Happy V Day!}

Just a little love from Colby on Valentine's Day.

I ordered these fabulous Valentines Day cards from Minted and I think they turned out so nicely.
I just wish you could see the bottom wording a little bit better...oh well.

So, the hubs and I don't have anything exciting planned.
No big make out sesh and big red heart balloons tied to dozens of red roses.
Nope not this year.
I might pick up some take out and wine and watch a movie.
This is how Valentine's day is celebrated when you have a toddler and you both work full time.
Let's get real, we have responsibilities to maintain and toddlers to bathe so there is not much time for date nights out anymore.
But you know what...I love my new non-date life.
All I really want to do anyways is veg out with my lovah on the couch.
So happy V Day to all the other parents who are going to be doing the same.
Enjoy and drink up :)

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