Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Christmas Time In 2 Cities

This past weekend we started to celebrate Christmas early.
It was kicked off by going to Gainesville to spend the weekend with the Enlow's.
We packed up and headed out with a car full of presents, food, and what else but baby stuff.
Those little things need a lot of stuff for only a couple of days.
It's unreal!

Their tree was huge and beautiful.
Colby loved to look at all the lights and pretties they had out.

My favorite were all the nutcrackers.
I have been wanting to start collecting some for several years now and I think their collection has kicked started me into doing so.
Sorry Jared, but yes that means more "junk".

And of course we took tons of pictures of this sweet little face.

He loved their pond.
I think he would have jumped in it if we would have let him
He was so interested in those fishies and the net.

Oh, and "the phone" he was/is completely obsessed with this phone.
It was a present from Nanna and Granddaddy.
Buttons are his thing and buttons are his game lately.
And this little ditty had buttons galore.
He pushed and pushed and pushed those buttons.
I really do not know how the batteries are not dead yet.

After we got back from our weekend with family I turned around and started to get ready for our annual girls's Christmas party.
I have not gotten to go for several years now and it was so great catching up with everyone.
We all have babies now.
Our dinner conversations have surely changed throughout the years.
But I must say I think this was one of the most drama free relaxing party yet.
Great friends is such a special thing.
I love you girls!

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  1. Loved every minute of your visit. We just can't get enough of that little sweet face and his mommy and daddy!!